Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008


That's probably the most fitting word to describe my actual situation. I'm now in my final term of high school and I stopped going to university beside school because I thought I'd be very busy in this term - but that was a total misestimation.
The final term in my school seems to be nothing more than just an excuse for teachers to not have to correct the final exams of the FMS and the matura classes - the 12 weeks school we have are just another occasion to chit-chat with classmates, but no opportunity to learn anything new.

In general, I must say I've made quite a lot of mistakes in the past 3.5 years, and the most severe out of them is following the minimization principle: define a goal and use least possible effort to reach it.
Thus I only learned what appeared useful for me - and nothing more. That seems to be quite reasonable, especially because we're told that universities will accept every student with a Swiss Matura diploma, only in a few cases ask for a numerus clausus, an entrance exam, that everyone holding a Matura can take. What is true for all Swiss universities, does not fit foreign ones. I've been recently suggested to study in the London School of Economics, Europe's leading economy university. But unfortunately they demand - guess what - at least a 5.0 average for Swiss students. That's something I could have reached easily by putting a little more efforts in French and music classes - if only I knew that it could be useful someday.
Nevertheless, complaining that one can only study in the University of St. Gallen seems rather hypocritical, as most of the top students in countries like China can only dream of studying there. So I made up my mind, decided to stop complaining about my own imaturity and make the best out of this situation. If I still want an LSE master in 3 years, I change university after accomplishing my bachelor!

A digression concerning a Chinese who wants to study in St. Gallen:
Therefore he first of all needs to graduate from high school with a top mark, then go to university and study three years, then learn German and afterwards pass the entrance exam of the uni. Sounds insane, but it's true.

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